Timberline Media LLC: Blog http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog en-us (C) 2014 Timberline Media LLC richard@timberlinemediallc.com (Timberline Media LLC) Sun, 02 Mar 2014 17:52:00 GMT Sun, 02 Mar 2014 17:52:00 GMT http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/img/s/v-5/u207970938-o767524416-50.jpg Timberline Media LLC: Blog http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog 120 57 THE JOURNEY CONTINUES http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2014/3/the-journey-continues As most of you likely already know, our Kickstarter campaign ended one week ago, and unfortunately, we did not raise the funds necessary to independently publish "Home: Cheyenne River."

First and foremost, we want to extend our thanks to the 127 people who backed us. Together, we raised nearly $11,000 in pledges, and that's nothing to sneeze at. We're proud of our campaign. We learned a lot from the experience, and regardless of the funding outcome, we believe in the merits — and the future — of our project. We've also been deeply moved by the number of supporters who have reached out to us in the last few days, letting us know they're behind us all the way.

So we're writing this update to let you all know that the end of the Kickstarter campaign does not mark the end of the journey. Far from it. This project has been part of our lives for the last two and a half years, and we're committed to seeing it through.

At the moment, our "Home: Cheyenne River" art exhibition remains on display at the Cheyenne River Youth Project in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. Two other venues have expressed interest in hosting the show, so we're going to work together to take "Home" on the road. To support the exhibition, we're preparing to assemble an exhibition catalog that will contain all 30 images and all 30 pieces of text by Cheyenne River youth. Our plan is to make that available through an online publisher, so interested parties can order it directly.

Hopefully, that little book also will serve as a tool to engage potential partners or a boutique publisher, so we can pursue our long-term vision of producing a large coffeetable book with approximately 100 images from our project, and 70-80 pieces of the teens' creative writing.

We've recognized that this journey is not a sprint. It's a marathon. But we know that with resourcefulness (and plenty of sheer stubbornness), we can bring "Home: Cheyenne River" across the finish line.

We'll keep you posted on our progress through this blog and through our Facebook community (if you're not a member of the FB community, please join us). And, if you'd like to support CRYP's endowment fund in the meantime, please consider purchasing fine-art prints through this website. Fifty percent of proceeds benefit CRYP! All you need to do is click on "Photography" and select photos to buy. All landscapes and images with unidentifiable people are available for purchase.

Thank you again for your friendship and steadfast support. It means more to us than we can say, and it lifts us up as we forge ahead.

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JUST 3 DAYS LEFT... http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2014/2/just-3-days-left It's hard to believe that we're down to the last 72 hours or so before this Kickstarter campaign comes to an end. We're about 15% funded, so we do have a long way to go in not much time, but we've seen real magic happen through crowd-funding — we're going to keep working hard, right up until zero hour.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the backers who have joined us in the last 15 days: Megan Mahoney, Cindy Halladay Bahrenburg, Marion Bouffard, Cynthia & Robert Pope, Michelle Gregoire, Jacob Gore, Stephanie Goodbear, Gary Schonaerts, Mike Chaudoir, Camellia El Antably, Lotta Schneidemesser, Kelly Hibbs Massey, Michelle Erpenbach, David McHenry, Greta Schanen, Olivia Dana, Liesbeth Rooms, Megafounder, Stephanie Hylok Davis, Mariel Kennedy, Dan Woods, Kellie Jewett-Fernandez, Deborah Rosenthal, Craig Martin, Jorg-Stephan Mohr, Pierre Sonderegger, Walter & Patricia Freckmann, Rena Tarantino Martinson, Audrey Andujar (Wright), Neale Schad, Nita Holt, Ron & Amy Linn, Annette Linn, Michelle C. DuBray, Donita A. Fischer, Jack & Kathleen Aylsworth, Tim & Deb Pietsch, Steven Knaus, Larry McLean, Richard Woodruff, Stefan Meier, Carla Alarcon, Lakota Mowrer, Marc Hathaway, Anne Kim Levine, Holy Man Film, Sandra Donaldson, brainnles@gmail.com, Jeri B. Lemke, Matt Guilford, Luca Fabbri, Stephen Holst, David Sheesley, Lynn Matthews Smith, Mark & Jennifer Nassi, Deb Gerlitz, Dave & Cindy Levin and Ole Brew LLC.

Thank you also to the many backers who have increased their pledges in recent days! Every dollar counts in campaigns like this, and we're deeply grateful for every pledge. The only way we can do this is together.

On the media front: We were thrilled to see that the media back in our old home state of Wisconsin picked up the story about our "Home: Cheyenne River" book project. You'll find articles in Door County Today and in the Peninsula Pulse. We also had some nice words of support from Rich Franco, an accomplished Florida-based photographer, who penned a lovely testimonial on Fine Art America's website. And, we were delighted that Pete McDonald, New York-based deputy editor of Boating Magazine and author of a photography-and-essay book titled "The Blitz: Fly Fishing the Atlantic Migration," promoted it in his blog.

In other news: Last week, Heather joined Kellie Jewett-Fernandez, development director for the Cheyenne River Youth Project, at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. FHS is a major CRYP supporter in the annual Christmas Toy Drive, and the student senate was eager to hear about the book project and how they can help. We showed our project video, answered questions and handed out postcards with all of our Kickstarter information; the teens were enthusiastic about handing out the cards to family members and friends in the Boulder community. Thank you, FHS and Boulderites, for your support!

So, three days left. Our portrait subjects, the Cheyenne River kids who contributed creative work to this project, and all of their families are so excited about this book becoming a reality. Let's do what we can to make magic happen for them!

Please share, share, share the Kickstarter campaign with as many people as you can, and encourage friends, family and colleagues to make a pledge. Just $60 means a free book and free fine-art print... and once the book is published, 50% of the proceeds will benefit the extraordinary Cheyenne River Youth Project (you can learn more about this grassroots, 25-year-old, not-for-profit organization here).

Once again, thank you for your support! Words aren't enough to express the gratitude we feel toward each and every one of you who have pledged to support us and who have been busy sharing our campaign through social media. WOPILA.

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NEWS FROM WEEK 2 http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2014/2/news-from-week-2 Yesterday morning, we were thrilled to see that our very own Richard Steinberger is being featured on Fstoppers, one of the country's most popular online photography websites. In fact, Fstoppers reaches 4.5 million photographers worldwide — if it were a magazine, it would be one of the largest in the United States. So we're very proud of him!

When you have a chance, check out the article. It includes a killer video and variety of still images from his Boston Whaler photoshoot last year in the Pacific Northwest, and it even mentions our "Home: Cheyenne River" Kickstarter campaign! In the interview, Richard comments, “Sometimes you have to go back and remember why you picked up a camera in the first place... yes, shooting ad campaigns can definitely be fun and rewarding, but shooting a personal project like this does more for you because it feeds your soul. Bringing food to the table is important, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to be part of something that is so much bigger than that.”

That's how we all feel about this project. It's something bigger than we are. It's been a true labor of love for the last two-plus years, and we're so eager to see it finished and in people's hands. We're so close... we have just two and a half weeks to go.

In other news: We just added the rest of our portraits to this website. Until now, the only images available for online viewing were the photos featured in our "Home: Cheyenne River" art exhibition, but we decided to include the rest of the portraits so that site visitors could get a sense of the range of community members included in the project.

And finally, welcome to our new backers: Virginia Santo, Tammy Eagle Hunter, Carol & Luca Fabbri, Wendy Luce, Patricia Glennon, Dawn Levinson, Nola Lee Kelsey, Michael B Spencer, Julia, Ellen Pietsch, Patrick Cantellow , Sharon E. Streeter, Laure Lachaud and Dorothy Buquo! Your pledges and support mean so much to us. Please help us continue to spread the word... we can do this!

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CRYP, BOOK PROCEEDS, AND OTHER FUN STUFF http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2014/1/cryp-book-proceeds-and-other-fun-stuff We're excited to report that, including a pledge someone made via check, our Kickstarter campaign has passed the $4,100 mark in four and a half days. That's a very respectable start, and we're so grateful to the early project supporters who have made it possible! (A warm welcome to Lisa, Alissa DG, Charles Reeves, Robert Moxon and Kim Kavin, our most recent contributors!) We still have about $60,000 to go, so please help spread the word.

In other news: Indian Country Today Media Network published another article on its website that we think is worth sharing! The piece talks about the Cheyenne River Youth Project's 25th anniversary, the launch of its endowment fund, and the grand opening of its eagerly anticipated Keya Cafe.

We mention this here because our passion for the Cheyenne River reservation began with this outstanding not-for-profit youth organization, and with the wonderful people there who do so much for Cheyenne River's children and their families. That's why, once our "Home: Cheyenne River" book is published and is available for purchase, we're going to donate 50% of the profits from book sales to CRYP's endowment fund... for as long as we have books to sell. It's our way of giving back to the organization, and the community, that has welcomed us with open arms for so many years.

We'll be doing the same with the fine-art prints that are for sale through this website — 50% of all proceeds from print sales will be donated to CRYP, for as long as we're selling prints. To learn more about CRYP, we encourage you to visit www.lakotayouth.org!

And here's something fun. Now that we're back in our home office, we've had a chance to go through images from this past weekend, and we thought our friends and supporters would get a kick out of seeing some behind-the-scenes shots of the "Home: Cheyenne River" art exhibition. It was a lot of work, and a lot of stress, getting this ready in the three weeks between the holidays and opening day, but it all came together. You can see the gallery on our Facebook page or through Richard's photography blog.

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NEW DEVELOPMENTS, AND REFLECTIONS http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2014/1/new-developments-and-reflections We're excited to share a couple of pieces of good news today! First of all, Kickstarter has made our project one of its "Staff Picks." Hooray!

Next, South Dakota Tourism's senior photographer has shared information about the "Home: Cheyenne River" project on his photography blog, appropriately titled "Dakotagraph." Thank you, Chad Coppess, for helping to spread the word!

Now that we're back in Colorado after a whirlwind five days in South Dakota, we've had a chance to reflect on some of the weekend's highlights: Dr. Jim Garrett, who is featured in the image of the Dupree family cemetery, conducting the blessing at the opening of the Cheyenne River Youth Project's 25th anniversary event; sharing the happiness of a teacher from Dupree School, who had several students featured in the "Home: Cheyenne River" art exhibition; and meeting a young contributor who brought his whole family to see the show. His mom told me that he was so excited to find out that his work would be included — she told him how proud she was of him, and how proud his grandfather would have been.

The teacher remarked, "The students never realize just what they can accomplish, or for that matter, just how talented they really are." She shared with us that the entire community is excited to see their young people acknowledged in the book.

That's why we have to get this done. The kids worked hard on their writing, and they shared their innermost thoughts about what home means to them. They deserve to see that work in print. And they deserve to see a book that celebrates their home, and their heritage, in both words and images. As one of the youth project's staff members observed, "When people think about our reservation, about our home, about our people... they think of poverty, they think of hopelessness, they feel pity. They don't always see that hope, beauty, and wonderful people exist here as well."

Before we sign off for today, we want to extend a warm welcome to our newest backers: Terry Souers Macy, Peggy J. Crouch, Julia Campbell, Wendy Winzeler, Peter Dudek, Seth Lehman, Erin Schanen, Renee Tuzee, Thomas Kluener, Rebecca Rozelle, Fiona Husband Redhair, JennyKate Schlagel and Alina Nagel. We appreciate your help so much!

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ART SHOW, INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY & NEW BACKERS! http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2014/1/art-show-indian-country-today-new-backers This has been a truly dizzying weekend. Yesterday, January 25, we officially opened the "Home: Cheyenne River" art exhibition in conjunction with the Cheyenne River Youth Project's 25th anniversary celebration in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. Not only did we get a curious, engaged and enthusiastic crowd, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Council Representative Wayne Ducheneaux II read an official proclamation that makes January 25 "Cheyenne River Youth Project Day" on the Cheyenne River reservation.

Since CRYP was announcing the official launch of its endowment fund, we had the honor of announcing that 50% of all profits from "Home: Cheyenne River" book and print sales will be donated to that endowment fund in perpetuity. It's our small way of giving back to this wonderful community that has always welcomed us with open arms — we want to help make sure that CRYP will always have the resources it needs to continue its important mission in the community. For another 25 years, and beyond.

Next, in our Kickstarter campaign, we gained 24 backers who pledged nearly $2,700 in the first 48 hours of our fundraising effort. That's pretty amazing, and we're so grateful for every dollar contributed to this project! Indeed, we have new backers to welcome: Jenny Kling Scahill, Mary Beth Phelan, Catherine Moore, Rebecca Sheesley, Chris Kluener, Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy, Lonnie Heier, Troy Campbell, Melissa Kling Saura, Carol Mann, Sparky Abraham, and Tanya Fiddler, in loving memory of her husband, Larry Fiddler. We're so grateful for your support! With your help, we're 3% funded, and we're a few steps closer to being able to put "Home: Cheyenne River" into people's hands. THANK YOU!

Getting the "Home: Cheyenne River" photography book published independently is going to be a team effort, and it means so much to us that so many people are expressing a desire to help. It's also a great way to pre-order your book — a $60 donation to the Kickstarter campaign will get you a free copy of the book AND a free fine-art print!

Finally: This morning, Indian Country Today Media Network published an article and slideshow about our art exhibition and the Kickstarter campaign that will fund production, printing and distribution of the book. We were thrilled to see it on the front page and listed in the "Most Popular Portfolios" section; what's more, in less than 12 hours, the article's post on ICT's Facebook page got nearly 1,700 likes and 270 shares; we hope that means the project is resonating with people. Our Facebook community also soared to more than 450 people (we're gunning for 500)! 

It's been a big weekend. Now we're in Rapid City, on our way back home to Colorado... where we have a big 28 days ahead of us, seeking to bring the book project to a wider audience. Please help if you can. You can find our Kickstarter campaign here, and once again, we're so very grateful for your friendship and support. It means so much.

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LAUNCH DAY http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2014/1/launch-day This is a very exciting day here on the Cheyenne River reservation in north-central South Dakota. To start, we have less than two hours to go before we unveil a special art exhibition featuring 30 images and 30 pieces of creative writing from the "Home: Cheyenne River" book project.

The Cheyenne River Youth Project is hosting the show at its Cokata Wiconi teen center in Eagle Butte, in conjunction with its 25th anniversary celebration; the show will become part of CRYP's permanent collection, and it hopefully will travel to other venues later this year. We're deeply grateful to Child Fund International, as their support made two years of photography on the reservation and this art exhibition possible.

We're also thrilled to announce that we've officially launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund independent publication of the "Home: Cheyenne River" coffeetable book! In fact, we're welcoming our first group of project backers today: Julie Garreau, Eryk Krzaczynski, Holly Ramsay, Julie Veal, Sharon Carson, Patti Lazarus, Alexandra Meador, Barbra Finkelstein, John and Diane Tuzee, and Nicole Seaton. A heartfelt thank you to all of you — with your support, we've reached the 1% mark in our campaign, and that's pretty fantastic, since we launched our fundraising effort less than 20 hours ago. THANK YOU! This is a team effort, and we couldn't do it without you.

We have 29 more days to reach our goal! To support the project, visit the Kickstarter campaign page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1916586366/home-cheyenne-river-fine-art-photography-book, and please help us spread the word!

We'll be keeping our supporters informed via this blog, through Kickstarter, and through our Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/CheyenneRiverArtProject. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days!

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AND IT'S A WRAP... http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2012/9/and-its-a-wrap

It's so hard for us to believe that it finally arrived... the last official photography trip for our Cheyenne River Fine Art Project. It's been 13 incredible months of prairie vistas, hardscrabble buttes, sunsets and moonrises, storms and starshine, buffalo, horses and cattle, community gardens and aging homesteads, elders, teen athletes, veterans and rambunctious children, and countless heartfelt conversations, stories and laughter. And the journey, which has deepened our love and appreciation for South Dakota's Cheyenne River reservation, came to a delightful conclusion with this last trip on August 30 to September 6.

Eagle Butte celebrates its annual powwow, rodeo and fair on Labor Day weekend, and we were on hand to capture the festivities: bareback horse racing, the rodeo, the powwow's unusually large and vibrant 2012 grand entry, and the Main Street parade that truly celebrated this community's mix of Lakota and ranching cultures. We added to our collection of portraits, including respected elders, powwow dancers, bronco riders, bareback relay racers, a fourth grade teacher and an entrepreneur who started her own preschool. One traditional dancer told us she never allowed photographs... but she would in this case, because she felt it was so important to support a project designed to share the beauty, hope and joy inherent in Cheyenne River life.

She honored us, as did Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th generation keeper of the sacred white buffalo calf pipe bundle. This kind, gracious man allowed us to photograph and interview him at his home in Green Grass, within sight of the sundance grounds and the pipe house... sacred ground to the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota nations. It was a tremendous privilege to visit this place, and to listen to Chief Looking Horse share a few of his stories.

It was bittersweet to leave Cheyenne River this time, knowing that our four-season photographic adventure had drawn to a close. Yet much work remains to be done: In conjunction with the Cheyenne River Youth Project and Four Bands Community Fund, we're reaching out to young people across the reservation, encouraging them to submit their creative writing for inclusion in the book. Once the pieces of writing have been assembled later this fall, we'll choose and edit the pieces selected for inclusion and then pair each piece with a photograph.

We also will be hiring a designer to assemble the book and soliciting quotes from a variety of printers to determine the final budget and time frame for production. So, yes, much remains to be done!

Reflecting on all of this, we headed south on 63 toward the reservation boundary at the Cheyenne River. As we crossed the bridge, we gazed at the ribbon of slow-moving, coffee-colored water meandering through its green and yellow valley... and spotted two deer standing in the middle of the channel, drinking and raising their heads to take in the Wakpa Wasté, the "good river" of the Lakota. No cars were in sight in either direction, so we stopped the car, and Richard jumped out to get the last shot.

And it was, indeed, the last shot. We felt strangely emotional, as if the universe were offering a parting gift.

Pilamaye, Cheyenne River. We hope to do you proud.



richard@timberlinemediallc.com (Timberline Media LLC) http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2012/9/and-its-a-wrap Sun, 09 Sep 2012 17:12:00 GMT
PRAIRIE ADVENTURES - AND FUN WITH THE KIDS http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2012/3/prairie-adventures---and-fun-with-the-kids

The Timberline Media creative team completed its fourth production trip to South Dakota this month, spending 10 days on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. It was probably the most diverse trip we've had so far!

 Of course our photographers, Richard Steinberger and Matt Normann, were busy exploring the early spring landscape for just the right shot. One memorable day, they climbed Thunder Butte to capture images from its summit, and then they spent half the night pursuing the "money shot" — a time-lapse photo of Thunder Butte, the surrounding prairie and a night sky swirling with stars. On another interesting day, Richard got his truck stuck in the prairie gumbo near Promise. Really stuck... and with no cell phone signal. Minutes later, as he was busy calculating the distance he'd have to walk for help, a Game, Fish & Parks employee discovered him and helped pull him out. In typical Cheyenne River fashion, it was the same gentleman with whom Richard had visited the day before, as he pursued a different shot!

But this visit was more than a photo-gathering expedition. Heather visited Tiospaye Topa, Takini and Cheyenne-Eagle Butte schools to speak with teachers and high-school students about the book project and get them excited about participating. (She's already been in touch with the Dupree and Timber Lake schools as well, so that all five reservation high schools will be represented.) She and Cheyenne River Youth Projectstaff also hosted a writing workshop for CRYP's "Power of Four" teen interns; since the workshop was held in conjunction with the not-for-profit organization's "Circle of Storytellers" oral-history project, the event incorporated talks and Q&A sessions with two respected elders, Marcella LeBeau and Dr. Jim Garrett.

 And, purely on the fun side, Heather helped chaperone the Power of Four kids on a special CRYP trip to Rapid City, where the group saw the celebrated Blue Man Group performance and enjoyed lunch and dinner on a sparkling 70-degree day. That same weekend, Richard and Matt donated their time as fashion photographers during the annual CRYP Passion for Fashion event. While Matt photographed the girls (and, in some cases, their families) in a formal photo studio, Richard captured them on a New York-style fashion runway. It was a great day, especially for Heather — many of the young women were just little girls at The Main youth center in 2006, when Heather volunteered for a summer. She says that seeing them "all grown up" was a beautiful, and emotional, experience.

 The book project is becoming more exciting with every trip. Not only are Richard and Matt capturing the people, places and seasons of Cheyenne River, the team is having an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the community. Working with the kids, visiting with friends in Outrider Cafe and Lakeside restaurant, meeting the teachers, listening to the elders and sharing our creative vision for this book and its artwork... each of these things is a great privilege, and we do not take this lightly. Cheyenne River has become our home away from home, and our greatest hope is that our project will honor this remarkable place and all of those who have opened their arms and hearts to us.



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NATIONAL PRESS COVERAGE http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2012/2/national-press-coverage In the last week, our little photography book project has gotten national press coverage from two high-profile media outlets: Indian Country Today Media Network and the Huffington Post! Experienced Indian Country reporter Stephanie Woodard wrote the original piece for ICTMN and then crafted a slightly repackaged version for the HuffPo.

 We're deeply grateful to Stephanie and her editors at both fine publications for their support. Ours is the very definition of a grassroots project; we're trying to do as much as we can with limited resources, and we're relying on our supporters across the country to help us get the word out.

 So check out the articles at the links provided above, and keep checking back with us to learn more about our progress as we sink our teeth into the work ahead. Our next trip to Cheyenne River is scheduled for March 8-18; not only will our photographers be gathering late winter / early spring images for the book project, they are volunteering their time as fashion photographers for the Cheyenne River Youth Project's annual Passion for Fashion event! We'll also be hosting the first of several writing workshops for the young people who will be contributing their work to the book. Exciting stuff!

richard@timberlinemediallc.com (Timberline Media LLC) http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2012/2/national-press-coverage Wed, 08 Feb 2012 22:23:00 GMT
THANK YOU, RAPID CITY JOURNAL! http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2012/1/thank-you-rapid-city-journal When our creative team first began work this past summer on what we're calling (for now, anyway) the "Cheyenne River Fine Art Project," we knew it was going to be a long road. The first images were taken in August; we expect the last ones to be captured in September 2012. And not only do we need to capture Cheyenne River's people and places in all four seasons, we'll then have to sort through the images, work with the local teens on creative writing, choose final images and excerpts, design the book and pursue publication.

 A long road indeed.

 That's why we've been thrilled to discover that our fledgling passion project is resonating with people in many places. We've gotten positive feedback from the Cheyenne River community, from former Cheyenne River Youth Project (CRYP) volunteers around the world and from publishing experts who feel we just might have found the right project at the right time.

 We've also been getting media interest, and we're excited to report that we've received our first piece of mainstream news coverage! On Sunday, December 4, the Rapid City Journal ran a wonderful article about our book project in its Features section and on its website. You can read the online article here:

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Rapid City Journal for its support. This is very much a grassroots project, and it's going to take many helping hands to spread the word.

To keep track of our progress as we work toward making our artistic vision a reality, follow us here and join our Facebook community at www.facebook.com/CheyenneRiverArtProject!

richard@timberlinemediallc.com (Timberline Media LLC) http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2012/1/thank-you-rapid-city-journal Sun, 15 Jan 2012 22:23:00 GMT
MATT NORMANN JOINS THE CHIEF BIG FOOT RIDERS TO WOUNDED KNEE http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2011/12/matt-normann-joins-the-chief-big-foot-riders-to-wounded-knee

The other piece of exciting news that came out of the last few weeks: Photographer Matt Normann joined the Annual Chief Big Foot Ride to Wounded Knee in late December. He joined the riders right after Christmas and continued to the finish line on the Pine Ridge reservation.

 I was extremely fortunate to be welcomed for the final two days of the ride, which began on December 14 on the Standing Rock reservation,” Normann said.

 “The facts of the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre are straightforward,” he continued. “What you cannot get from reading those facts, however, is the living history that unfolds each year with this ride. It isn’t so much a journey of distance as it is a journey of the spirit."

 Normann said he quickly realized the toll a ride like this places on the body, although he is an experienced horseman. “The weather, terrain, speed and distance were compounded by the challenge of trying to photograph with a 5-pound professional camera in one hand and the reins in the other,” he recalled with a laugh. “Then came the bigger challenge: trying to not simply document the trip, but to tell the larger story in a handful of images.”

 Throughout the ride, Normann said he experienced three important things. The first was the spirit of community, of a deeper connection forged between people on a united quest. The second was respect — during the ceremonies for the different legs of the journey, and in the way each rider cared for his or her horse. And the third can best be said the Lakota way: mitakuye oyasin. We are all relatives.

“I began the ride thinking it would be a journey over land and distance, with the reward coming at the conclusion at Wounded Knee,” Normann reflected. “Instead, I gained an understanding that it is within the journey itself, within the process itself, that the true reward is found. The rolling South Dakota prairie became the canvas for a Jackson Pollock masterpiece, with colorful splashes of kinship, stewardship, respect, hard work, determination, tradition, connection, humility and a strong sense of place and of self.

“I’m deeply grateful to Bryce Little Thunder and Carl Buffalo for helping me, and for sharing the experience of the ride with me,” he concluded. “I’ll carry that experience with me for the rest of my life.”


richard@timberlinemediallc.com (Timberline Media LLC) http://www.timberlinemediallc.com/blog/2011/12/matt-normann-joins-the-chief-big-foot-riders-to-wounded-knee Mon, 05 Dec 2011 18:23:00 GMT